Airport Taxi Pick Up Procedure

San Francisco (SFO) | San JOse (SJC) Airport Pick Up procedure

SFO Airport Pick Up Procedure:

Pre-book your SFO Airport taxi pick up for convenience.

1. **Before Luggage Collection**: Text 650-395-8294 to confirm your safe landing. Text us immediately upon touch down before immigration. This alerts your driver, reducing your wait time after luggage collection.

2. **After Luggage Collection**: Text 650-395-8294 again to confirm luggage pickup. Receive driver details on arrival. Proceed to the taxi line while the dispatcher provides taxi color and number.

3. **Follow Taxi Signs**: At SFO airport, follow taxi signs to the front of the taxi line or coordinate with your driver for the best pick-up spot.

4. **Wait for Taxi**: Allow 10 minutes, your taxi arrives within 5 to 15 minutes. Don't hail a cab from the airport to avoid a 50% airport surcharge.

**For International Customers**: Our taxi drivers have WhatsApp. Use free SFO airport WiFi to contact your driver. Driver info will be emailed and texted before landing.

Ensure to text at the right steps for a smooth pick-up experience.

SJC Airport Pick Up Procedure:

Book your SJC airport taxi in advance for a seamless experience. 

1. **Upon Landing:** Text 650-395-8294 to confirm your safe arrival before getting luggage. Text immediately upon touchdown, pre-immigration. This alerts your driver, minimizing wait time post-luggage collection.

2. **After Luggage Pickup:** Text 650-395-8294 again to confirm luggage pickup or contact your driver. Driver details provided at arrival. (You'll be directed to taxi line, given taxi color and number by dispatcher)

3. **Terminal A Arrival:** Follow taxi signs, reach taxi line front. Driver coordinates.

4. **Terminal B Arrival:** Proceed to taxi stand 12 (Prearranged Vehicles). Driver coordinates.

5. **10-Minute Wait:** Taxi arrives. Avoid hailing from airport to skip 50% airport surcharge.

**International Travelers:** Our drivers use WhatsApp. SJC offers WiFi; communicate with your driver via WhatsApp.