Should i take Rideshare or Taxi from SJC airport?

Looking for the best value when flying in or out of SJC? Before you book an Uber or Lyft, here are a few things to consider:

  • Cost Efficiency: While taxis are traditionally seen as more expensive, in many cases, Uber and Lyft can actually end up costing you more. 

  • Reliability: Always check the reviews! They provide valuable insights into the reliability and safety of your ride. We recommend our customers do this to ensure they arrive safely and on time.  Rideshare companies have rating of 1.5/5, Airport Taxi Cab Services have rating of 4.7/5

  • Fair Wages: Think about this: would you work for a third of your current salary? This is what many rideshare drivers face after Uber and Lyft slashed prices to outcompete taxi services. These lower fares often result in significantly reduced wages for drivers, leading to financial instability.

At Airport Taxi Cab Services, we do things differently. We ensure our drivers are paid fair, living wages. Rather than funneling profits to top executives, we reinvest in our drivers and our company. This approach not only supports our drivers but also ensures a sustainable business model.

By choosing Airport Taxi Cab Services, you are not just getting a ride; you are supporting a service that values its DRIVERS and reinvests in its growth. Your money goes towards fair wages and company development, ensuring you receive a RELIABLE and ETHICAL service.

Think twice about the impact of your ride choice. With Airport Taxi Cab Services, you get value, reliability, and the assurance that your money is supporting fair labor practices.

Reliable, On time, Flat Rate

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